P.M.A. in abundance…  I hauled my butt out of bed this morning and headed off to Poolsbrook parkrun. Continue reading

Getting there…

I am starting to feel half human again after a good few weeks of ‘hypo flare’…

Today I left work with a banana in hand and a little over half an hour to get to the gym, to tackle Week3 Day 1 of Couch 2 5Km.

I won’t say I wasn’t worried…  3 minute x2 run? i haven’t done a three-minute run in MONTHS!  I very nearly redid week 2… mostly because I struggled with it, not aerobically, but the body wasn’t happy at all.

I thought I would give Week3 a bash and just see where it went…   Continue reading


its just me…

2016 was fraught with injury and so very little running was done.  It was frustrating, but I ‘found’ Nordic Walking and it took my mind off of things, kept me moving and motivated.

I was reluctant to start 2017 with a plan… so I have eased into it, trying to be mindful and starting over in all the correct ways.

I started the Couch to Five (C25K) and decided to do it, working with my MAF heart rate.  So far, so good… Continue reading


who is joining me?

Date:  June 2017

Distance:  10km

Place:  Wherever you like – YOUR fave running spot!

Cause:  Thyroid UK

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what did Ben say?


🙂 and he was so right!  Thank you Ben *bissous-bissous* Continue reading


the usual and then some news…

Not going to pretty this ‘journey’ up… struggling at the moment.  Forgot (yes, idiot) to take my meds with us on our weekend away… had a bit of stress about it, but figured two days wouldn’t/couldn’t make THAT much difference… It did! Continue reading


tired… just tired…


We were away for the weekend, down in Kent… it wasn’t busy.  These little pics I found, pretty much sums how I feel at the moment…

I ran on Friday, W1D3 of C25K it was FAB!  I redid it on Monday mostly because I just am so fatigued.  I nordic walked yesterday, today I am heading home early, to my bed… Tomorrow will be better! Continue reading


Wednesday already…


On Monday, Cherry and I hit the trails for a Nordic Walk after work… OMG it was cold!  the wind cut through me like a knife!  But being out is so good for clearing the mind!

Yesterday I had the day off work.  I took my kid to Nottingham for his first College interview.  We had a lovely day, the skies were blue, it was sunny and the kid came out of his interview BEAMING!  It had gone well.  We walked loads! Continue reading


a little bit of sunshine and big blue sky!


A week feeling really quite poorly, didn’t even see me give a ‘continental’ about getting out for a walk, a run, a nordic walk or even a step out the house.  All I wanted was my bed and a dark room.  Zero appetite (VERY unCJish) even had hubby worried.


What was on my mind however, was a little Virtual Race I had taken on. Bring Back The Bling.   Continue reading


I’ve been hit!

Arrogantly I thought I’d escaped the dreaded winter bugs…  *sigh* it seems not!

Urgh… I am down and out… totally floored by this one… see you on the flip side…  back off to bed!



Virtual races…


I do not race.  Been there, done that, have the medal and the t.shirt, the scars to prove it and mental incapacity for crowds to never partake again.

Virtual racing… is another story.  BEAUTIFUL bling, without the ‘baggage’!  So if you love a bit of bling… why not give it a bash.  I find it motivational, and it really gets me out the door.   Continue reading



There was NO WAY I was heading to parkrun this morning… the last two have been grey, freezing cold and painful.  Calf cramps and what feels like muscle ‘seizures’ (not quite sure how to explain), have seen tears flow… not so much out of pain, more out of frustration… I think its got to do with the temps and bad circulation….  I had very nearly thrown in the running towel for good!

I did get up this morning, had a coffee… it was 1C, chucking it down with rain… so I went back to bed.  I was not going to enjoy, so what is the point?  I knew I would go out later though… be it on the trail or down to the gym.  #nopressure #bliss Continue reading


just one more pair…

I didn’t need a new pair of shoes… running shoes… I most def did not… then, about two weeks ago I nipped into the gym on my way home from work. Continue reading


a little sad…but also a bit excited!


January started off just fab…  We had a lovely break down on the beach in Cornwall, it truly lifted me in every way!  I do love the beach and miss living on the sands and dunes.

After all the injury s*** last year, I returned with all the enthusiasm of a puppy with a new ball.  No back pain, no Achilles tendonitis, no heel fasciitis, I felt like a million bucks!

I still do! Continue reading

special moments…

This morning I saw MOONBEAMS!

This is totally ‘off blog’ but I needed to share.  I left home at 05h45, it was dark, icy and cold.  Up in the sky was the most incredible moon…  just a sliver of a waning moon but the sky was kind of clear, there was a bit of haze around it, a few slivers of cloud in front of the moon, a few behind… but for the first time EVER i saw MOONBEAMS!!!!

I wish I had had the time to stop and photograph it properly.  I have come in and tried to draw what I saw.

The beams were so definite with a little flare to the bottom.  You could see the shape of the moon in all its planetary glory, something iI haven’t noticed before… suddenly, I have seen the sky in 3D…

Call me slow, but for the first time ever, I actually SAW the moon in its ‘space’… now I know where fairy tales comes from…  when the fascination of all things ‘space’ happens…

truly magical…  this morning, I needed my beach to watch the magic! Continue reading