in a bid to distract myself….

My back is being a B*TCH!  I have a ‘spinal protrusion’… anti-inflammatories, physio every day and REST for the rest of the week! I have NO idea, how or when i did this…  SO…  for something totally different now, to get my mind off being totally annoyed…

I don’t blog about work… AT ALL…  but you all know I work in as a Designer…  My boss is based in Paris, our HQ is in Zug (Switzerland). Continue reading

so… all of a sudden…

I cannot comment of blogs…  *sigh*  this platform kinda sucks right now…

I have tried to comment on a few blogs the last two days (all of you being my lovelies) and NONE of my comments are going through…  admin reckons the blog owners are not approving my comments…. (like since WHEN did we have to approve EVERY comment???) *sad* face…  so please would you check this link out… love and light…  CJ



its somehow different this time…

I can’t quite explain it…  normally, not being able to get out for a walk, a run, a nordic walk… just OUT you know… doing something, anything… would render me a ‘moody problem child’.

This week its been different…  my back has been so painful, that getting home has seen me heading straight for my bed for an arvo sleep or to just lie down, read and snuggle with cats.   Continue reading


The b***h that is back pain!

Back pain is a BITCH!  

Amongst other things, low back pain is the one i live with a lot…  i get on with ‘stuff’ because it comes and goes, yoga helps and such is life i guess…  I am so used to having it… you learn to live with it… until it renders one immobile… 

This week, i am feeling rather sorry for myself.

I cried yesterday at work it was so painful, i just couldn’t walk, standing up from my desk was really painful and i have NO idea, what i have done this time…

Driving the 20miles home was a nightmare…  tears trickled down my cheeks all the way home.

Last week i was premenstrual… (f***IT!  yah really, at my age still!) and so i put the back ache down to that.  Walking around London, it was not good, it was painful… Friday wasn’t that bad, i Nordic Walked, Saturday i did parkrun, no problem, it was there but nothing i couldn’t get on with… Sunday same, you just get out and get on with things or miss out…

Monday… i woke and thought OK, no more Myprodol… 4 days now… it’s not good for my Thyroid and med absorption…

and then BAM!  Tuesday, the pain was horrendous!

Yip, i cried at the office, left a bit early and went home to lie down.  Skipped yoga and just slept.  Bundi slept with me…  wondering if this is the whole reason… this is a thing she has done since she was kitten!  EVERY night!  Just don’t know…


Shaz said to use a hot water bottle, that helped… i woke and felt much better today.  got to work and it got bad again… wonder if it’s the amt of time i am sitting trying to get the day job done?  Myprodol to the rescue!

Anyhow, went over to HR had a chat and left with two back supports to try, for my office chair and the phone number of the local physio that they recommend.  If there is no improvement tomorrow i will def be making an appointment.

How sexy (not) does my office chair look?  :)  chose this back support, it does seem to help, its def correcting my posture!  Looks like an old, REALLY old lady sits there!


What do you do for backache?

Do i go see a GP?  What would they tell me?



another bl**dy gorgeous day!

OH EM GEE!  England?  what can i say other than THANK YOU!!!!  I was about to up-sticks and leave the grey, dismal existence that i felt i had been thrown into… then… 2016 and BOOM!  EPIC year for weather!  I have LOVED IT and whilst i know we are on ‘bought time’, i truly WISH it could stay like this! Continue reading


what a week!

Busy doesn’t begin to describe my work week…  Little time was left for a walk, a run or anything else. Continue reading

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99 Sleeps

My Adventure Travel Blog


Yes my friends… Next adventure being planned…

99 sleeps till we drive South, to head over the channel.  We then drive further south still, down to within spitting range of the Spanish border…

We reckon it will take around 5 hours to get to Dover then 12 hours on the French side…

We are off to Biarritz for Christmas, the kids 16th birthday and NewYear!

I hope it’s not going to be lonely… it’s the first time we are having all three celebrations alone… no friends… no family… it’s going to be VERY odd i think!!!  I’m going to miss *sad face*

Hopefully there will be lots going on down in the Basque country for us to join in…

more news as we count down…

Let the trail searches begin… Oh there are so many… It is the Pyrenees after all!

We are so excited about that!


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Sunday Nordic Walk / Hike

6km of sheer beauty again… This time, a new route around Longshaw Estate in the Peak District, 8 miles from home… not sure i can get enough!  Wish i could take all of you walking there!

Here are the pics x Continue reading

REBLOG: There’s a plethora of benefits waiting for you


Non runners just don’t get it. A typical comment from non-runners to runners is: don’t you think you’re overdoing it with this running thing? Or “it’s all that running you’re doing”.

Plethora: a large or excessive amount

Non runners are just sure that runners are running excessively; that running a long distance race is just a recipe for disaster.

You know what? Sometimes it is. I would be the first one to admit that. And yet running has a plethora of benefits:

  • Better sleep
  • Calming anxiety
  • Reducing stress
  • Building endurance
  • Building confidence
  • Camaraderie
  • Learning a new “skill”
  • Strengthening our cardiovascular system
  • Testing our limits

Why would you ever do something that could be so hard, so punishing to your body? Because those plethora of benefits far outweight the negatives.

You do have to be smart about it, though. Recently my sister decided to try to throw a little running…

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Saturday happiness…

Struggled with a blocked nose the WHOLE bloody night and thought the worst at 07h30 this morning…  parkrun… SHIT! shit shit shit shit!!!!  i had promised to Nordic Walk it again with Cherry… OMG i was going to let her down!  Continue reading



I had never heard of #RUOK? Day before, until yesterday…  I saw it all over Instagram…  Continue reading



*phew* it’s FRIDAY!

It’s been a very busy week… three 10hr+ days in a row, deadline after deadline (that’s just work), then home life and self to fit in too…  I’m exhausted… roll on 14h30!

News:  HOKAs arrived on Wednesday, yup, both pairs… i am SO HAPPY to have my ATR2’s back, i really did miss them, they are best thing i ever did for my run!  The ATR1’s were the bargain buy i made (£39.99) online at Continue reading


Monsal Trail

The weather was dismal yesterday, i was asked to Nordic Walk parkrun with a friend and when i got there, was roped into tailrunner again…  SO not a problem, absolutely love doing it… there were only 64 runners which means FAST *lol* i SO was not fast… hey ho… so that was Saturday.


tailrunner for parkrun

Today i got up… it was… yup, you guessed it, weather? DISMAL!  Ready yourself for another season of CJ whingeing about the kak weather!   Continue reading


and why not?

Ok, lets put all the cr@p aside…  nothing beats a good donut! right?

Nothing beats a GOOD DONUT when you KNOW you bloody deserve it!

Anniebabes, check this out!!! Continue reading


August Summary…

A slow month…  fatigue, injury, hot weather… i could think of a few other excuses…  in all, not a very active month, in fact, quite a lazy one but it has seen my left achilles heal almost 100% now… and my right foot… well, that’s still niggling!

I have a more active month planned for September, Continue reading