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UniMojo supreme!

I am around…  as usual, work is busy but i am conscious of not letting it get in the way of ‘life things’…  I tend to forget sometimes, but of late i have realised that it gets out of hand so quickly if you let it! Continue reading


Slaying Demons…

We all have demons right?  I am not really sure if mine is a demon or just just me…  How i work…  im sure i will figure it out.

Today, i planned and took my kit with me to work… and on the way home i headed to where my local parkrun is held.  Its safe, it’s on my way home, its convenient…  also, there is no couch to plonk on between getting home and hauling my butt out the door!

I don’t particularly like the route, its three loops around the pond/lake, its flat, gravelly and it’s always full of kids, dogs, people, horses, poo, ducks and geese… its BUSY!  its a Country Park… AND there is a cafe on the slopes with picnic tables where people sit and chillax (watch the view).  There are no cars!

Got there… quickly sent Shaz a TXT – “OMG I’m doing it! Im running in a BUSY place”

DO i want to? do i really need to? Im trying to figure that out now that i’m writing this…

I hit the gravel… then i saw the swan that has been worrying me for a few weeks now… this is it… i think both of its wings are broken… i just want to hug it, stroke it, fix it and let it fly… it makes me sad.  I will try to find out more on Wednesday when i go back.

After 3km i called it a day…  the wind was blowing, kids were running amok, dogs chasing balls…  then it started to rain… foot was sore, head wasn’t in it… heart was feeling blue… i couldnt get ‘into it’ and so, i headed home.

THERE ARE TRAILS (Trans Pennine) heading off from the main loop… i was VERY tempted to just head out on a trail…  i am happier out there… but, not knowing them very well, i will explore with hubby first on the weekend.

A slow, 3km is better than nothing…  Monday done…  the rest of the week can only get better right?  *smiles*

Physio tomorrow… and if all is well, i WILL go back on Wednesday and the plan is to do 5km (3x around the lake) and to just do it… face this head on!

IMG_3315This is the view to the other side of the lake (where i parked my car), the coffee shop, play area, tables, outdoor gym, swans, ducks and geese are all over there, the track runs right in front of it…




Ponta de São Lourenço, Madeira

A slide show of one of the walks/hikes we LOVE to do on the island of Madeira… Continue reading


Saturday… and shoe dilemmas !

On Saturday morning, i now get up LATE (yes 07h30 is late!)… well later than i do during the rest of the week, to volunteer at parkrun.

I have done three parkruns and volunteered at 5 i think…  and i love it!  It is so nice to see familiar faces now and everyone is just lovely and friendly! Continue reading

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Thank YOU!


How did that happen???  I am overwhelmed and so SO STOKED about that!!!!

THANK YOU to each and every one of you that has taken the time to peek at my blog, follow my missives and giggle at my rants *smiles*

I have made blogbuddies FRIENDS here…  REAL FRIENDS, real LIFE friends, real life SPECIAL friends! Continue reading



i am busy, i promise… i just had a really quick peek at Instagram…  found these… LOVED them, thought i’d share…  Livingstov is my FAVE!!!!

#loveagoodquote  #addictedtoinstagram😉

Busy week…  i am alone in the studio with two colleagues on hols and the boss based in Paris.  It is BLISS!!!!  but… Continue reading


water and i…

Drinking water is the one of the things i don’t do very well…  in fact i really SUCK at it!

I can go a whole day on one glass of water.  *big eyes*

I don’t drink tea (yuk)  and i have one cup of coffee a day, first thing in the morning.  I do however love a good continental brew… you can bribe me with a creamy Lavazza, but it’s not a habit. Continue reading


anxiety is a b*tch!

On the 13th of April 2016, i wrote this BLOG post.

This weekend, on Saturday… anxiety almost ruined a really lovely day…  i almost let it…

Thank goodness, this time, i kinda knew what was going on.

Realising that i DID want to run, that it wasn’t about RUNNING… i headed out the door, with no expectations, took the kid with me and we had the loveliest run,walk,run…  No one watching, no one timing us, the whole day ahead of us…  to just enjoy…

Thank you, to two, special friends, for their support.  You know who you are  ~*~*~

Anxiety affects each and every one of us in very different ways…  as much as i try to manage mine, sometimes it just creeps up on me and knocks me for six.

The best thing i can do?   To stop beating myself up about it and move on.

It is what it is and until i manage to control it, i will not let it define me.



Peak District Nordic Walk

Yesterday hubby and i decided to go and do a little trail running today, up along the route i walked last week.

This morning the kid surprised us and asked if he could come with to take pics.  SO not a problem, we LOVE when we don’t have to beg and bribe for him to join us.

Thing is, he didn’t want to run, so change of plan, i took my NW poles and we decided to see if we could redo the route i did last week with the Ranger.

WE DID! i managed to remember the route… OMG we don’t have a map, i will SO invest in one this week… not very clever heading off up there with no map… Continue reading

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keep doing what makes you happy…

Today i got to parkrun and changed my mind about running… instead, i volunteered again, and went to stand at point 3 and did my thing.  I like volunteering and I will do loads more…  The guys that LOVE parkrun need volunteers or there would be no parkrun. Continue reading

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Protected: just an open missive…

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Its sooooo NOT funny!

OMG!… i NEVER thought this day would come around again… i vowed to stay fit and to keep chipping away at obstacles… then… 3 months… no yoga!

I should have known BETTER… huge MISTAKE!!!

10 Salute to Sun routines… (See pic) Continue reading


Mens sana in corpore sano

Last week I decided that enough was enough, work had pretty much taken over my life… well, not so much as in time, well, maybe a bit… but there had been a lot of travel etc like I mentioned in my last post, meeting prep and stress. Continue reading


yoga and i…

I LOVE YOGA!  i have always practiced yoga, however i am NO GOOD at self practice, i NEED to go to class… i need to make time for it and i need to be in ‘place’ where i don’t feel like i am being pulled in every which direction, life wise. Continue reading