parkrun #3

Yesterday was my 3rd parkrun and 2nd volunteering as tail runner. ย It was hubby’s 2nd ย and the kid joined us for his 1st.

It was HOT! ย 20C at 09h00 and humid… oh gosh REALLY humid. Continue reading


A random Friday…

I have not put a pair of running shoes on once this week… ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

I am currently lying on a couch relaxing in an Oxfordshire garden…๐Ÿ˜Š

I never drink alcohol… I now have a chilled gin and tonic in hand.๐Ÿน

My current state of mind is… #chilled๐Ÿ˜Ž

OMG tomorrow I need to get up at 04:00 so that can get home in time for PARKRUN!!!๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ’จ

Who is this person?๐Ÿ‘ผ๐Ÿผ Continue reading


instilling P.M.A.*


Being Hypothyroid is a b*tch …  being an ‘unstable’ hypothyroid  (fluctuating levels) is a f******B**CH!

Being that… AND having Ferritin levels that are way too low, is like “WTF?  GIVE ME A BREAK!!!”. Continue reading


parkrun #2

Today i volunteered to be the parkrun TailRunner!  In the hope that someone would be walking, i thought it was a FAB way of getting back into this running thing.  The tail runner two weeks ago got me through by just being so sweet and amazing!  It was my turn to ‘give back’.

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I woke this morning to clear skies and sunshine…  MY BEST!  It was early, 04h45… smashed the ‘wake up get ready’ routine… the earlier i get to work, the earlier i can leave… Continue reading


sharing today…

Something i have been wondering for a bit now…   I would LOVE to run long and LOVE/CHERISH every minute of it… however, i cannot get my head around how much commitment it takes to do that. Continue reading


BungyPump here and BungyPump there…

What are BungyPumps? ย Take look here! ย and yes… i HAVE a pair that i love and cherish!

Hubby on the other hand thinks its bl**dy hiLaRiOuS to see me walking and even more so , running with them! ย in fact… ‘wet pants’ is more like it!

So when i asked him to come with me last night for a quick 3km, he fell about laughing, beer in hand! ย  Continue reading


doing my bit…

WHAT am i like?  sometimes i boggle my own mind…:)

Last night… i volunteered at my local parkrun!   Continue reading


Today I ran!

This morning we woke to shocking weather again… The kid is doing his bronze DofE this weekend… I reckon he’s NEVER going hiking or camping again… In his head this is how it is… D I S M A L…. You just have to feel for them!

Anyhow so, dropped him off in Alstonefield in the White High Peaks… OMG!!!! Picture perfect villages up there! Continue reading


taper time… ha ha!

Sadly, busy is such an overused word these days.  I am totally guilty of using it more than i would like. Continue reading

Gotta LOVE SnapChat!!!!

Oh and Ripl!!!!

Go check out my Instagram…

AND…. I had a gait assessment last night… Too much to write on the iphone although Shaz got a ‘Blog post’ last night:) (ain’t she spoilt!!!) 

Hopefully I will have a spare mo tomorrow to fill you in… In the meantime… Having SUCH fun with SnapChat filters…

#kids I tell ya!!!!


Nordic Walk @ Blenheim Palace

This weekend the hubs wasย on call andย working away, so the kid and I headed south to visit my sister that lives down Oxford way. ย In fact… she lives on the edge of Blenheim Palace so the perfect place to go for lovely NW!

Im not going to ramble on, i will let the pics do the talking… Continue reading



you know when you just cannot seem to prioritize because there is so much going on?   you end up doing nothing? :) 

Life is a bit hectic at the moment, work is still really busy, to the point where i am now beginning to lose sleep over stuff i need to remember to do.  Hay fever season has kicked in big time *lol* ugh i look a wreck! *sneeze* Continue reading



You read my last post about joining a parkrun… yip, i finally did it.  I walked it with a little bit of running (about 2 minutes) to try and not be too last… i know last is like last, but sh*t, TOO last (there IS such a thing yunno) is like arriving at the finish line with everyone yawning, asleep or twiddling thumbs, the humiliation would have killed any enthusiasm i had picked up along the way. Continue reading


Saturday morning I usually sleep LATE!

Today I did my did my first parkrun and I loved it!

I got the barcode… What? Two years ago?

Simply… I didn’t have the courage to go… Well, that and the fact that Saturday is the day I can LIE IN and enjoy schlunking out of bed if and when I feel like it!

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its not a secret… but…

Some of you may already know… some not…๐Ÿ˜‰ Continue reading