Never go out to buy a candle!

… you may come back with something entirely different!

CJ to ShazPops:  ORANGE OR BLUE?

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shhhhhh…. i don’t want to ‘jinx’ this… but… yesterday, at work, i am CONVINCED that the disk (L4) that slipped bloody out…  slipped back in!!! YES!  I am CONVINCED I felt it happen! CAN THAT HAPPEN???  just like THAT?  Please tell me i am right… Continue reading

Interesting… thought I’d share x

This Is What Happens to Your Body on a Thru-Hike


dino dancing…

So, i haven’t run in what feels like millennia…  that’s OK, i am walking, i am Nordic Walking and if you know about NW, you know that i am getting a pretty darn neat workout and well… staying injury free… HA! yah… Continue reading

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yoga saves lives…

So the ‘back’ thing has been going on a good month now.  There was improvement, there has been setback… but throughout i have refused to get bloo about it (it has threatened), shit happens, you do your best to work at it and *fingers crossed* the hard work pays off…

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beware the sneeze!

parkrun, as mentioned in my previous post, was lovely!  REALLY stoked that Joe got a pr and my back was good…  I didn’t feel like i had over done anything, yeah it was a bit sore, but nothing like it was a week prior.  I was full of the joys of life… Back was SO much better…

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Saturday – parkrun

I was excited for parkrun today.  Not sure why because i was never going to break any records, i was going to walk it… no running till I see MrMagicHands on Monday again…  so that was kewl…   Continue reading


the oddest thing…

Yesterday my Papa would have been 83.  I was fine.  No tears, no sadness… I don’t go ‘there’, its easier to smile, remember his silliness and be thankful for the special times. Continue reading


where’ve you been CJ?

It feels like a million years ago that i went for a run…  well, it may as well be, i can’t actually remember when… I do know hubby and i went out and did the trail and i reckon it was a good four weeks  *sigh* Does this mean ‘start again time’?  i reckon so…

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a distraction of sorts…

The other day i posted this…  further to… i thought it would be totally kewl if we thought about the TOP FIVE adventurous things we’d like to do and share them with each other here…

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lumbar saga…

🙂 That sounds like an exotic culinary delight!

Physio again last night… it seems i basically have ‘bulged disk’ or spinal protrusion… the one between L3 and L4…  I’m sorry for the profanity, but OH MY FUCK this has not been fun… Continue reading


in a bid to distract myself….

My back is being a B*TCH!  I have a ‘spinal protrusion’… anti-inflammatories, physio and REST for the rest of the week! I have NO idea, how or when i did this…  SO…  for something totally different now, to get my mind off being totally annoyed…

I don’t blog about work… AT ALL…  but you all know I work in as a Designer…  My boss is based in Paris, our HQ is in Zug (Switzerland). Continue reading

so… all of a sudden…

I cannot comment of blogs…  *sigh*  this platform kinda sucks right now…

I have tried to comment on a few blogs the last two days (all of you being my lovelies) and NONE of my comments are going through…  admin reckons the blog owners are not approving my comments…. (like since WHEN did we have to approve EVERY comment???) *sad* face…  so please would you check this link out… love and light…  CJ